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Simona Taylor

Whoa! It was getting stuffy in here!

Welcome to my pared-down site. I've placed my blog on a separate page here, and trimmed the fat from the existing site; it was carrying around 5 years' worth of extra baggage... and we all know how that feels!

So for a look at my books or short stories, feel free to stick around.

If you want to chat with other readers, or even tell me hi, why not come over to my blog? We're having fun and talking up a storm.  Hope to see you there!

Simona Taylor's Romance Novels

Coming in June 2011

Intimate Exposure by Simona TaylorIntimate Exposure

Here's a taste of what's to come for Shani and Elliot

The party Shani’s waitressing at is getting rowdier, her feet hurt, and her three-year-old daughter is home with a temperature of 104°. The last thing she needs is for some drunken fool to paw her like an octopus.

No…scratch that.  The last thing she needs is some other fool (albeit a lip-bitingly gorgeous one) to leap to her rescue.  She can handle Mr. Grabby-hands just fine.  There: a bite on the hand and a whack across the face with a silver tray ought to do it!

But Elliot, her would-be rescuer, is determined to be her guardian angel, whether she needs one or not.  And she makes it clear to him she does not.  Still reeling from an ugly divorce, the last thing she needs is a rich, sexy, and attentive young lover to…oh, okay.  Maybe for a little while. 

Shani is sucked in by an undertow of carnal pleasure, with a man who only wants to see the light shine in her eyes once more.  But their pleasure-train could be derailed if Elliot finds out Shani isn’t who she says she is.  And what if he discovers the forbidden photo-spread in a men’s magazine, featuring Shani in very suggestive poses, wearing nothing but a necklace and a smile?

When her spiteful ex-husband threatens to release another set of pics, Shani and Elliot take off to lush Martinique, where temptations are many, and the threat of losing her man is just one heartbeat away….

Harlequin Kimani
ISBN: 978-0-373-86214-6
Price: $6.25

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